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It's time for the sixth and second to last round of Government Controlled Cats!

The Prompts:

Stand: Sugar gliders have been banned and the government controls happiness.

Twirl: Furniture has been banned and the government controls anime.

Tremble: Fire has been banned and the government controls barbecue.

Check: Magnets have been banned and the government controls caffeine.

Rise: Crochet has been banned and the government controls dolls.

Please note, the format has changed from the previous round. All rounds will have different formats.

The Format: An obituary.
The Format's Length: 1-500 words of original fiction. Please note that entries are not required to use the words from their prompt's title and summary.

A Quick Reminder of How to Enter and Entry Rules: Five comments, containing one prompt each, will be added to this prompt post. In order to submit an entry, REPLY with a comment to your selected prompt comment. Each entry must be in the specified format and be submitted as a REPLY comment to the prompt comment. Do not comment with your entry as a reply to other entries; only comment with your entry as a reply to the original prompt comment.

Participants can submit up to three entries per round to the prompt(s) of their choice. If participants are not signed into Dreamwidth, Livejournal or openID, please include a preferred name/handle at the top of the entry comment, otherwise the entry will be considered to be written by 'anonymous.'

Submissions are due by 11:59PM United States East Coast Time on Saturday, October 15th, 2011. If you're not on United States East Coast Time, you may find the World Clock to be handy. Refer to 'New York' for current United States East Coast Time.

Have fun!

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