May. 20th, 2011

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A question! Do writing prompts like this interest you?

Balance: Anger has been banned and the government controls Pokémon.

Glow: Coeduation has been banned and the government controls books.

Shut: Llamas have been banned and the government controls accordians.

Then you are in luck, because [community profile] governmentcontrolledcats will be an EPIC summer-long YA Dystopian Future Original Flashfiction Challenge. With prompts from [personal profile] telophase's YA Dystopian Story Generator, [community profile] governmentcontrolledcats will have six rounds! Three winners per round! Culminates in one death match between six rounds of victors! Coming Summer 2011!

[community profile] governmentcontrolledcats: THE BADLY-WRITTEN FUTURE BEGINS ON JUNE 1, 2011

You can find us on Twitter at [ profile] governmentcats. We also have a Feed account.
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