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The Time Period: June 1st to August 31st

The Participants: Anyone can participate. People using Dreamwidth, Livejournal, openIDs, or anonymous posting are welcome to participate. You can participate by writing entries or reading entries or commenting on entries or voting on entries or all four!

The Prompts: Each prompt consists of a Young Adult dystopia novel's title with an accompanying summary. Prompts will be taken by the mod from [personal profile] telophase's YA Dystopia Story Generator. Each prompt contains the story's title in italics and a summary following the colon.

Shut: Llamas have been banned and the government controls accordians.” is a prompt where the novel is called 'Shut' and the dystopian world is one where lamas have been banned and accordians are under government control.

Structure of Entries Excepting the Death Match: Each round will have one prompt post. The prompt post will specify that round's format. Five comments, containing one prompt each, will be added to that prompt post. In order to submit an entry, REPLY with a comment to your selected prompt comment. Each entry must be in the specified format and be submitted as a REPLY comment to the prompt comment. Do not comment with your entry as a reply to other entries; only comment with your entry as a reply to the original prompt comment.

Entries are not required to use the words from their prompt's title and summary. Entries should be between 1 and 500 words of original fiction.

Participants can submit up to three entries per round to the prompt(s) of their choice. If participants are not signed into Dreamwidth, Livejournal or openID, please include a preferred name/handle at the top of the entry comment, otherwise the entry will be considered to be written by 'anonymous.'

The Death Match: Each of the winning entries from the previous six rounds will face off against each other in a 'pick your three favorites' cumulative votes poll. At the same time that people vote for their three favorites from all the rounds, voters will be invited to submit the titles of their three favorite dystopian novels. At the conclusion of the Death Match, the three winners will be posted along with a list of the voters' favorite dystopian novels.

The Winners: Three winners per round. Winners will be determined by cumulative number of votes in the format of 'pick your three favorites.' Voting will be done by an anonymous ticky-box poll. Ties are allowed. Awesome banners will be awarded!

The Rounds: Seven rounds consisting of six two-week rounds and ending with a one-week death match between the victors.

A Sample Two Week Schedule:

Wednesday June 1st – Wednesday June 8th is the submission period.
Thursday June 9th – Monday June 13th is the voting period
Tuesday June 14th – Winners are posted
Wednesday June 15th – New two-week round starts.

Contacting the Mod: Please contact our mod by commenting on the Attention Mod! post. All comments are screened and it is the quickest way to bring an issue to my attention.

Community Guidelines: We aim to be a friendly, inclusive community. We will exercise the ban and deletion hammer if needed (although we hope it won't). To steal from Dreamwidth's diversity statement:

“We welcome people of any gender identity or expression, race, ethnicity, size, nationality, sexual orientation, ability level, neurotype, religion, elder status, family structure, culture, subculture, and political opinion.” - Dreamwidth

Submissions that violate the spirit of the community will be disregarded or deleted if needed. If you have a question or an issue with a submission, please contact our mod through the Attention Mod! post. All comments on the Attention Mod! post are screened.
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